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Ecorceuse à rotor fixe


Fixed rotor debarker operating principle

The rotor of this debarker being fixed, it is necessary to centre the log in front of the machine. To do this, it is fed by a balancing conveyor and the log is then maintained by a set of drive rollers with combined spikes in the form of a triangle articulated at 120 ° with an independent motorization.

This design allows debarking up to 6m in length with high speeds necessary to feed the production volumes of modern canter sawmill lines.

Technical characteristics

There are three rotor diameters for this debarker: 450, 650 and 800mm. The minimum log diameter is 80mm and minimum length is 1.6m.

The speeds range are from 20 to 90m / min depending on the type of wood and logs diameters. All rotors can be equipped with four or five arms with an interchangeable tungsten carbide knife set in pressure by air springs.