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Ecorceuse à rotor flottant


Floating rotor debarker operating principle

As the name suggests, this debarker is equipped with a rotor that moves vertically and is centered automatically according to the diameter of the log.

The wood is transported on fixed caterpillar chains and is held by rollers mounted on boggie moved vertically by hydraulic cylinders. All the mechanical movements are managed by a PLC which processes the optical and ultrasonic sensors signals located in the machine.

Due to its compact size, this machine can efficiently bark both short and long logs, even crooked.

Technical characteristics

We manufacture two different diameters for the floating rotor: 1000 and 1100mm, the minimum log diameter is 120mm and the minimum length is 1.3m.

The rotor is equipped with five arms with an interchangeable tungsten carbide knife put in pressure by air springs.

Depending on the type of wood and the diameters of the logs, the debarking speeds can be around 20 to 40m/min.